Maritime Matters is the official podcast of Northeast Maritime Institute and was re-launched in April 2020. The podcast focuses on both historical and current events of the maritime industry and highlights the critical role it plays in our daily lives. Featuring discussions and interviews with mariners from all different backgrounds, listeners will be offered truly unique perspectives and sea stories.

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Episode 10

Morgan talks with College of Maritime Science alumnus and current instructor Captain Jeff MacDonough. They discuss the uniqueness of the college program, what it takes to obtain a Captain’s license, the Herreshoff Museum in Bristol RI, and delivering maritime education during COVID-19.

Episode 9

Morgan and Eric talk with Beaufort NC Mayor Everett (Rett) Newton. Rett is a retired Air Force Colonel and a PhD candidate at Duke University, studying at the Duke University Marine Lab in Beaufort. He’s passionate about people, the maritime heritage and industry that drives Beaufort, and doing good for his community.

Episode 8

Morgan talks with Captain Janet Urbanowicz. Janet is a former Nurse turned Captain! A love and passion for the sea led her to change careers and pursue her dream of working on the water. She is a talented delivery captain and boat handler, making journeys to all sorts of different destinations on different vessels.

Episode 7

Morgan talks with Saji, a Palestinian entrepreneur based out of Germany. Saji is a former participant of The Fairhaven Project, a conflict resolution program between Israeli and Palestinian high school students and run by the Northeast Maritime Institute and US Department of State. The project involved bringing the students onboard Brigantine Fritha, the NMI tall-ship, and teaching them sail training and conflict resolution skills. His company Noor Medical focuses on frugal innovation, natural building and healthcare and provides solutions to developing regions in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Episode 6

In today’s episode, Captain Morgan Dawicki talks with Jack Gordon – the documentarian behind The Ocean Knows No Borders. Jack is a graduate of Tabor Academy and a current student at the University of California Berkeley. Jack has produced 3 documentaries and is setting his sights on many more. The documentary, The Ocean Knows No Borders, released to the public for free this year on the Northeast Maritime YouTube channel, covers Captain Aunofo Havea’s life and her career in the maritime industry.

Episode 5

In this episode, Captain Morgan Dawicki chats with Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard Dr. Vincent W. Patton III EdD. (Ret.) Master Chief Patton was the eighth MCPOCG, the highest attainable rank as an enlisted member of the Coast Guard, and the first African American to do so. Vince is an inductee of the Michigan Military and Veterans Hall of Honor and currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees at NMI. He exemplifies the three tenets of success at NMI: Honesty, Integrity, and Hard Work. Raised in Detroit, MI, Vince sought to follow in his brother’s footsteps by joining the Navy but wound up enlisting with the Coast Guard and attaining the highest enlisted rank possible. It was a pleasure speaking with “Uncle Vince” and we can’t wait to have him back!

Episode 4

In this episode, Captain Morgan Dawicki interviews Captain Aunofo Havea, the first commercially licensed female Captain in the Kingdom of Tonga. She runs the company Vaka Moana, a swimming with the whales eco-tourism company in Tonga. She has experience sailing a traditional vaka all over the world and was captain of an all-female crew on a traditional vaka – something that had never been done before. The documentary, The Ocean Knows No Borders, released to the public for free this year on the Northeast Maritime YouTube channel, covers Aunofo’s ability to break the glass ceilings in the maritime industry and in her culture.

Episode 3

In this episode, Captain Morgan Dawicki interviews Captain Bill VanVoorhis, a “semi-retired” East coast tug boat captain from Maine with 40 years experience in the marine construction industry and 25 years at the helm. Captain Bill is a true friend of NMI and a mentor to students trying to get started in their maritime careers. We discussed the importance of safety standards and how the workboat industry has evolved over the past 40 years.

Episode 2

In this episode, Captain Morgan Dawicki sits down with NMI President Eric R. Dawicki to discuss the challenges of COVID-19 and the importance of adapting to ambiguity during uncertain or strange times. Adaptability is part of what makes mariners such capable and qualified people. Despite oil futures taking a tumble, the maritime industry is quick to adapt and make the changes necessary to survive. Hear some of the measures the maritime industry is taking.

Episode 1

Welcome to the re-launch of Maritime Matters! Captain Morgan Dawicki sits down with NMI President Eric R. Dawicki to talk about some of the history of NMI, the role of the maritime industry in our community here in Southcoast Massachusetts, and touch upon some of the reasons why the maritime industry matters globally. From stories like that of Nakahama Manjiro, the first Japanese citizen to live in the United States who went to church in our very building, or that of Warren Delano, the man who pioneered the China trade, our little NMI community is surrounded with big history.

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