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Since 1981 NMI has offered training to mariners from the United States and overseas. We are proud to have trained over 68,000 mariners to date. We are always striving to lead the maritime training and education field and to ensure there are a range of options for all students. Every student deserves to succeed and we recognize that not every student is the same – In fact, our creed is to “Honor the Mariner”.

Discover our comprehensive list of U.S. Coast Guard approved and STCW compliant professional maritime courses and programs approved and accepted by several maritime administrations around the world, which provide active mariners with the required training for license renewals and upgrades to advance their careers in the industry. To accommodate the busy schedules of active mariners as well as different learning styles, NMI delivers its professional maritime training courses both On-Site and Online through our comprehensive learning system Northeast Maritime Online – NEMO°. 

NMI has been the school of choice for serious professional mariners and seafarers seeking the best possible courses that will enhance their knowledge and performance while at sea. Everyday we are inspired and driven by our creed to “Honor the Mariner” as it is the mariner and the seafarer that gives the NMI family its purpose.

***NMI’s NEMO courses and programs are not within the school’s scope of accredited programs. For further information, please contact the Registrar’s Office: [email protected].***

NEMO° is a comprehensive learning management system that delivers online maritime education and training under both USCG and STCW standards. Take courses anytime, anywhere.

Browse our catalog of our on-site courses.

*Please note that COVID-19 restrictions have limited our schedule of on-site courses. We recommend taking online courses using our advanced online learning platform, Northeast Maritime Online – NEMO°. View our Online Courses to learn more.

Discover our Career Paths for both USCG and STCW licenses and learn more about how NMI can assist you with your licensing applications. 

Access our professional maritime training resources page, which includes: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), GI Bill® and Veterans Benefits Information, Job Information and more.

"Honor the Mariner"

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