Message from the President

Eric R. Dawicki

It is the sea that gave me my profession, my happiness, my family and my soul. All of my sea-going and maritime related career choices enabled me to succeed beyond my wildest dreams. My passion to give back to “my community,” the maritime community, is motivated by the gratitude that I have for the amazing people, both men and women, that I have been able to work with and who lifted me to greater heights that were at one point in my life unforeseen. My maritime family is 100% responsible for lifting me up as a person, a friend, a father and a leader of industry. 

The maritime industry provides great career opportunities and unprecedented life experiences. Working on ships heightens those experiences with a magnitude much greater than traditional career paths. The ocean is the last bastion of adventure on earth. The sea and all who ply it provides an education, adventure and employment in a way that very few industries allow for in a collective experience. To experience this requires a certain type of person who initially must have a passion for working on, in and around the ocean, but more importantly requires a person with grit! 

Northeast Maritime Institute’s Associate in Applied Nautical Science Degree Program enrolls two (2) sixteen (16) student cohorts per year in this very competitive program. You will have to commit yourself to the following tenets of success in this program if you wish to succeed and move on to a fruitful career: Honesty, Integrity and Hard Work! You will hear these words constantly throughout your experience if you’re lucky enough to be enrolled at NMI – College of Maritime Science as they are the three ideals that will guarantee you a successful life as a person and a successful career on the sea. Honesty, Integrity and Hard-Work! Remember those three concepts and you will be worthy of an NMI diploma. 

Upon enrollment you will quickly realize that you are part of a ground-breaking program. Your cohort joins the educational ranks of NMI’s College of Maritime Science together as ONE and each individual enrolled quickly realizes that he or she is part of a crew – shipmates! Your NMI family becomes the extended family that will support you from the start to the end of your maritime career and beyond! Northeast Maritime Institute is the only private maritime college in the United States. My goal as President is for this Institute to be recognized as a college that produces the “best of the best” mariners in the world – nothing more, nothing less. Mariners! Sea-going people! 

Northeast Maritime Institute was founded in 1981 and has delivered world-class maritime education and training to tens of thousands of mariners since then. The Institute has an impeccable reputation as being a home for professional mariners seeking an education, but through the highest quality facilities, an incredibly kind, courteous and compassionate staff and the best instructors found. Our goals of delivering our degree programs with as much passion as we have with our Professional Continuing Education programs aligns and our students are some of the first selected to get jobs. Most importantly, we ensure that we always abide by our own creed – “Honor the Mariner.” 

I hope that your experience at the Northeast Maritime Institute College of Maritime Science will be the beginning of the best memories of your life. We will and always shall consider it an honor to serve as the platform from which you began your career passionately and enthusiastically. 

May the Sea Become Your Passion! 

Eric R. Dawicki
Northeast Maritime Institute

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