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For Immediate Release
April 17, 2023

Contact: Hannah Dawicki
Director of Multimedia
[email protected]

Coast Guard Opportunities for Northeast Maritime Institute Graduates

FAIRHAVEN, Massachusetts – The Northeast Maritime Institute and the United States Coast Guard signed a Memorandum of Agreement to give Northeast Maritime Institute – College of Maritime Science graduates an opportunity for direct lateral enlistment into the Coast Guard upon graduation.

A celebration of the newly signed lateral enlistment agreement was held on Thursday, April 12th, at Northeast Maritime Institute’s campus, located at 32 Washington St., at which members of the United States Coast Guard were present.

This historic partnership agreement allows NMI graduates to laterally enlist into the Coast Guard as junior petty officers upon graduation and completion of boot camp. NMI graduates will have the option to enlist as third- or second-class Boatswains Mates, enlisting either full time into the Coast Guard or into the Coast Guard Reserve while serving in the United States Merchant Marine.

Students graduating from high school and enrolling into NMI’s associate degree program may also have the option to go to Coast Guard boot camp between high school graduation and their fall semester. Students who choose this option will receive a bonus and pay to offset their college tuition expenses.

The College of Maritime Science currently offers an Associate in Applied Science in Nautical Science degree program. Upon successful completion of the program, NMI graduates receive an associate degree as well as the required qualifications to apply for their US Coast Guard license. The new agreement now gives graduates direct lateral enlist opportunities into the Coast Guard.

This agreement is the first of its kind signed by the US Coast Guard with an Institution of higher learning for the soul purpose of developing future Coast Guard personnel, specifically for Boatswains Mates.

Boatswains Mates are experts at navigating vessels and have the most command leadership opportunities of any rating. When Boatswains Mates operate a vessel as a qualified coxswain, they are in charge of their respective vessels while underway. Boatswains Mates are mostly engaged in life saving and law enforcement exercises, executing missions while being responsible for the safety and security of their crew members as well as the safety, security and environmental protection of America’s waterways.

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